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Character Profile

Character: Writer/Producer/Director/Actor

Character name: Matumani "Matty" Akachi

Actor/Actress/CrewMember: Jaime Reborn

Matty is the new lead writer for the department. He’s from Atlanta, Georgia. He’s level headed and usually the voice of reason for the team. He fancies himself as somewhat of a comedian but usually no one laughs at his jokes but himself. He’s educated at the historically black college of Morehouse University and received his bachelors and masters degrees in communications there and was also on the baseball team before later playing professional baseball. He’s named after his maternal grandmother. Matty usually attempts to pitch wholesome shows about the positive side of black lives in the United States. He’s presents the “Utopian” views of the group. Most of the team thinks that Matty is too mild-mannered and that his ideas are too generic.

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