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Character Profile

Character: Actor

Character name: Morris "Punchline" Blackmon

Actor/Actress/CrewMember: Dean Edwards

Punchline is a very experienced writer who was promoted to the Mainstream Content Department when he gave up on writing substantive content for the Alternative Content Department. Punchline is not technically a part of the AC Dept. any longer but he regularly admonishes the writers for not having what it takes to get a show accepted for mainstream production purposes. He often comes by to rub it in on the writers, particularly Matty. Punchline has only gotten approval for shows when he has threatened to kill someone in management, which leads to his “promotion” to the Mainstream Content Department. Punchline is a very intelligent man but very jaded with regard to trying to get positive studio ideas for alternative content accepted by WYTE management. While Punchline often focuses his criticism on Matty, secretly he respects Matty for not giving up on his ideals. Many people think Punchline got his nickname from being a stand-up comic, but Punchline usually gives different stories for how he got the nickname, such as being a bouncer at a comedy club, due to a sexual conquests, or being a member of the mob, etc. Punchline did not go to college and claims that they didn’t allow black people in college when got into the industry. Punchline is from Compton, California.